Anonymous said: That post on the patriarchy is kinda ridicules, instead of admitting that both sides have problems (without turning it into a competition) its just twisting everything back to feminists. "Domestic abuse cases against men are being ignored? How dare they suggest we're to gentle to beat guys up!" Some empathy from both men and women would be helpful yknow.

lol @”ridicules”

its not a competition ?? no one said it was????? that post has 52,000 notes and you fucking message ME? i dont know what the fuck you are talking about your little “argument” doesnt even make fucking sense i dont even post on this blog who are you go away


Et maintenant les broches se vendent aussi par trois ;)

kintting pin, set of 3 pieces - pure wool -

available on my esty ;)

quick silly bookmark for my hobbit/lotr adventures.


Jen Lee, Untitled, 2011/more inside

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Nils-Udo, Ferns, 1986

I’m such an idiot, I haven’t eaten in 2 days what the fuck

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thought my school was calling me regarding my 1098 forms but it was capital one and they wanna sue me so I gave them $50 to not do that god dammit I needed that money for the moving truck reservation FUUUUUUCK

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